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Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Article Creation API.

Welcome to Byword's API docs!

These documents describe how to create articles via Byword in three different modes. These methods are all accessible within the Create Article endpoint, but function quite differently.

  • Keyword - Supply Byword a keyword that you'd like to rank for, and Byword will generate a title and article that can rank for that keyword.
  • Article Title - If you already know the article title you want to write, you can supply this and have Byword write the article
  • Article Title + Subheadings - If you know the article title you want to use, and all of the subheadings/H2s that you want included in your article, you provide these and have Byword write from there.

Because it can take around a minute to generate an article (sometimes longer if our servers are in demand), Byword's API works in two stages:

  1. Create an article via one of the three above methods, using the Create Article endpoint. This will return an articleID, which you can use in the next step.
  2. Once you have your articleID, you can poll the Get Article endpoint until the article is complete, and return back all of the article's fields.

You can also call List Articles to return all of the data from articles generated via the Byword API.