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List Articles

This endpoint allows you to retrieve all articles created via Create Article.

Note that if you are retrieving 100 articles or less, then you do not need to specify a cursor (or you can just specify it as 0).

If you have more than 100 articles associated with your API key, then by default this endpoint will return your first 100 articles (ranked by ascending creation date). The example below explains how to bypass this using the cursor parameter.

Let's say you have 200 articles associated with your API key. The cursor parameter specifies the starting point from which the endpoint will return your articles:

  • If cursor is blank, or 0, it will return articles 0 to 99.
  • If cursor is set to 50, it will return articles 50 to 149.

The most efficient way to iterate through a large number of articles would therefore be to make separate API calls, where cursor is set to an integer multiple of 100. In the example above, this would involve one call with cursor=0 and another with cursor=100. These two calls combined would return all 200 articles.